Marvel Studios’ 2024 release schedule has been updated, seemingly confirming the suspected fate of the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again TV show.


  • The 2024 release schedule update from Disney confirms a delay in the production of Daredevil: Born Again.
  • The only Marvel Studios projects listed for 2024 are Echo, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, and the animated X-Men ’97 after Daredevil: Born Again was originally slated for release in the same year, now seemingly delayed.
  • After problems were reported concerning Daredevil: Born Again’s production, it seems the show will likely be saved for 2025 after hiring a new showrunner, and new directors in an overhaul of the show’s tone and story to reflect those of Netflix’s Daredevil.



The latest release schedule update from Disney seemingly confirms a suspected element of Daredevil: Born Again‘s production. Initially, Daredevil: Born Again was announced in May 2022 from writers Matt Corman and Chris Ord with the rebooted series starring Charlie Cox once again as the titular Man Without Fear. Expected to be part of Marvel’s upcoming TV show slate in 2024, Daredevil: Born Again received ill-fated news in September 2023 when various reports seemed to indicate a significant delay to the show’s production was inevitable.

In a post on, it seems this suspected delay is all but confirmed. The post in question details the major Disney+ releases coming in 2024 from the efforts of Star Wars and the MCU to Disney’s various other productions. Concerning the Marvel Studios franchise, the only projects listed for the MCU are Echo, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, and the animated X-Men ’97. After the damning report on the status of Daredevil: Born Again‘s production in September 2023 hinted at a delay to the show’s initially-planned 2024 release, it seems this has been officially confirmed via the House of Mouse itself.


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What’s Going On With The MCU’s Daredevil Show

Is MCU's Daredevil a Variant-1

While those familiar with the ins and outs of Marvel Studio’s various productions will be aware of the issues facing Daredevil: Born Again, it is worth exploring exactly what problems have befallen the highly-anticipated show. In September 2023, it was reported by various outlets that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes had allowed the executives of Marvel Studios to take a closer look at their in-development TV shows. According to these insights, Daredevil: Born Again was simply not working in the eyes of Marvel’s higher-ups, leading to a complete overhaul of the show as well as Marvel Studios’ entire MCU TV production schedule.

Corman and Ord were let go as head writers, with Dario Scardapane hired in replacement. Scardapane was reported to be acting more as a traditional showrunner, as Marvel Studios began pivoting every TV production to a more traditional TV format than the one the franchise has employed for its previous Disney+ outings. Daredevil: Born Again would reportedly be shifted to this more serialized format, as well as receiving rewrites that aligned it more closely with the tone of Netflix’s Daredevil. Moon Knight and Loki season 2 directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson were also hired, as Daredevil: Born Again’s overhaul was seemingly complete for a now all-but-confirmed 2025 release.

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