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  • Loki season 2, episode 4 may have set up the TVA to be trapped in a time loop, which was already hinted at in the first poster released three months ago.
  • The first poster prominently features multiple Lokis in a circle, suggesting a time loop, and even showcases the Loki from episode 4 chasing his past self from episode 1.
  • The mid-season trailer further supports the idea of a time loop, with scenes showing different outcomes and Loki witnessing himself being pulled through time again. Loki will need to bring everyone back to fix the TVA and potentially set up the future of the MCU.

Loki season 2, episode 4 had a massive reveal setting up what could be an exciting ending, but this reveal was already spoiled by Marvel in the MCU show’s first poster three months ago. In the latest episode, it seems as though Loki and the TVA have been set up to be stuck in a time loop. As they scrambled to save the TVA from collapsing due to the branching timelines, Loki stumbled upon his past self from episode 1. He prunes himself, meaning that the mystery pruner from the first episode was his future self, which stopped him from jumping in time.

Now, with Loki‘s Temporal Loom erupting, it could mean that the TVA crew is stuck in a truly endless time loop. While it’s not confirmed this is the story moving forward, there are signs that this storyline is something audiences should have seen coming. The latest mid-season trailer gives several hints that a time loop will be an essential plotline moving forward. However, the first poster for Loki season 2, released back in July, spoiled the reveal of a time loop.

Loki’s First Poster Revealed Season 2’s Time Loop 3 Months Ago

The first poster for Loki put the time loop front and center. The poster features multiple versions of Loki running around in a circle on top of Miss Minutes. It’s unclear if the Lokis are chasing each other or are stuck running around in an endless circle. Still, it does feature the Loki from episode 4 chasing after the Loki from episode 1, suggesting that the poster revealed that Loki would prune himself.

One thing that’s interesting is there is a Loki variant in the poster that hasn’t been featured this season yet. There is a version in the poster that appears to be donning the classic Loki look, with the horned crown and the green cape. This could be a meaningless throwback to his past villainous days, but it could be a hint that he could don the classic outfit once more. There are still a lot of questions left to be answered this season, but this poster seems to indicate that the time loop could be more problematic in the last two episodes.

Hints Loki’s Final Episodes Will Be A Groundhog Day Nightmare

loki tva Cropped-1

The final two episodes of Loki Season 2 could be a Groundhog Day scenario where Loki has limitless opportunities to fix the TVA but can’t get out of a time loop until everything is fixed. The poster does provide some clues that this could be the case, but the mid-season gives even more hints that this will be the story for the next two episodes. Here are some clues from the trailer that a time loop will be the plot moving forward:

The Trailer Features Many Scenes From This Season But With Different Outcomes

The Loki mid-season trailer does look odd because it contains many of the same scenes viewers have already seen this season, but there is something slightly different in each one. For example, it features the TVA crew trying to fix the temporal loom again, only this time, somebody actually made it to the center without being shredded. There is also the scene where Ouroboros tells Loki that if he doesn’t fix everything, Mobius could lose his skin. This suggests that Loki is living through the events of this season multiple times, and every time he fails, the time loop could reset.

Loki Sees Himself Jumping Through Time Again

While Loki stopped being pulled through time after being pruned in episode 1, he seems to be doing it again in the mid-season trailer. Loki is standing in the TVA and looks over only to see himself getting pulled through time again. It’s unclear what version of Loki this is, but it suggests that he is getting pulled through the time loop and is possibly the only person left at the TVA.

Loki Needs To Bring Everyone Back To Try And fix The TVA

mobius jet ski Cropped

The other detail revealed in the mid-season trailer is that everyone from the TVA appears to be scrambled throughout different timelines after the explosion at the end of Loki episode 4. Loki talks to Mobius, who appears to be living his dream by working at a jet ski shop. In order to fix everything, Loki may have to bring everyone back, including Sylvie, B-15, and Ouroboros, so that the events of the past can be recreated and fixed.

There are a lot of questions left for the final two episodes of Season 2 of Loki. It certainly seems like the trickster god is going to be stuck in an endless time loop and will need to find a way out of it while also figuring out a way to fix and save the TVA, along with all the branching timelines. Loki could be setting up the future of the MCU as the Kang variants start to emerge, but there is still a lot left to be revealed.

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