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  • Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, chooses to embrace her family and ancestors’ legacy in the finale of Marvel’s Echo, leading to a major showdown with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin.
  • Maya taps into the power of her ancestors and attempts to heal Kingpin, confusing and leaving him shaken.
  • In Echo’s post-credits scene, it is implied that Kingpin will attempt to run for New York’s mayor in the MCU’s future, setting up a potential storyline in Daredevil: Born Again.

Marvel’s Echo ends with both an epic showdown and an exciting future for its primary hero and villain in the MCU. Starring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, Echo is set in the aftermath of 2021’s Hawkeye, continuing Maya’s journey after she shot Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin (Vincent D’onofrio) for orchestrating father’s death, the New York crime boss whom she had long seen as an uncle. Having returned home to Oklahoma, Maya is forced to choose in the series’ finale whether to embrace the legacy of her family and ancestors or the one offered by one of the MCU’s greatest villains.

Originally believing that she wanted to take over the presumably deceased Kingpin’s empire, Echo sees Maya connecting with her past and those who came before in a very powerful way. Combined with the reveal that Fisk survived his injuries and wanted Maya to return to him once more with the promise of her own empire, Maya chooses to embrace her family and the legacy of her ancestors in Echo’s finale, leading to a major showdown with some major ramifications for both rivals. Here’s Echo’s ending explained as well as its teases for the future of the MCU.



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What Did Echo Do To Kingpin?

Echo Heals Fisk in Finale Episode

Having tapped into the power of her ancestors dating back to the first Choctaw woman Chafa, Maya Lopez seemingly attempts to heal Kingpin of his pain and rage just as she was able to after being encouraged by the spirit of her mother. Placing her hands on Fisk which were glowing with spiritual energy, Echo left Kingpin confused and shaken as he demanded to know what Maya had done to him. Seen resisting Maya’s efforts, it’s unclear if Echo was entirely successful, though something was clearly done to Kingpin that left him so rattled.

Kingpin’s Flashbacks Explained

Fisk in Echo Finale Flashbacks

During Maya’s healing process, various flashbacks to Kingpin’s past are featured including his traumatic childhood where he murdered his father, his murder of the ice cream vendor seen in previous episodes when Maya was a child, as well as a sequence where Fisk is standing in front of a large painting while wearing a black suit. This feels reminiscent of the art gallery where he met Vanessa Marianna in Daredevil season 1, or possibly in the Presidential Suite where Fisk was under house arrest, just before making Vanessa his wife in Daredevil season 3.

How Echo Sets Up Kingpin’s Next MCU Story

Fisk Watching New In Echo Post-Credits

Having been escorted from the Choctaw powwow by his men, Fisk is seen on board his jet in Echo’s post-credits scene. Listening to the newscasters talking about the potential for a new mayoral candidate to emerge, the implication is clear that Kingpin will attempt to run for New York’s mayor in the MCU’s future, most likely in Daredevil: Born Again. This mirrors a more recent run in the comics where Wilson Fisk leveraged his influence to do the very same, creating all sorts of complications for the Marvel Universe’s heroes, particularly Daredevil.


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Echo’s Powers Explained: How She Can Share Them With Her Family

MCU Echo in Finale Standing With Ancestors

Having embraced the legacy of her ancestors, Echo has a collection of new powers from each of her ancestors whose histories were featured in previous episodes. Likewise, Echo uses this power to share them with both her cousin Bonnie and grandmother Chula. Seeing as how they’re also from the same bloodline and lineage, it follows that they too would be able to use this same ancestral power (though likely only temporarily).

What Are Echo’s Powers Exactly

Echo's New MCU Suit In Finale

As revealed by the spirit of Maya’s mother Taloa, Maya was given gifts from each of her ancestors. Strategy came from Lowak, cunning came from Tuklo, ferocity came from Chafa, and love came from Taloa herself. All of these aspects were within Maya herself, existing as an “Echo” of all those who came before and spiritually empowered her in Echo’s finale. Likewise, it seemed as though Maya was also given the aforementioned healing abilities as well as some additional strength which she shared with her family whom Fisk had taken hostage.

How Echo’s Powers Are Different In The MCU From The Comics

Echo MCU Powers and Marvel Comic Book Backstory With Daredevil

Excluding her recent tenure as host of the cosmic Phoenix Force, Marvel Comics’ Echo originally had impressive powers of mimicry, allowing her to perfectly replicate the skills and abilities of others whom she observed, allowing her to go toe-to-toe with Daredevil. This is something that’s touched on to a degree with the MCU’s Echo thanks to her fight with Daredevil in Echo’s premiere. However, the comics’ Echo was also able to commune with spirits, something that is developed far more in the MCU as Maya was granted a variety of supernatural skills by her ancestors in the series finale as seen during her fight with Kingpin.


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How Echo Sets Up Maya Lopez’s Future In The MCU

Echo with Daredevil and Kingpin in the MCU Disney+ Shows

Following the battle at the Choctaw powwow, it’s somewhat unclear if Maya Lopez has chosen to stay in Oklahoma or if she’ll eventually return to New York. One could imagine that Maya will continue to spend more time in Oklahoma to spend more time and reconnect with the family she lost as a child. However, a potential team-up with Daredevil does seem likely, especially when Fisk starts running for mayor. Thanks to her new role as more of a hero, one could easily see Maya returning in future street-level MCU stories.

Will Echo Season 2 Happen?

Alaqua Cox As Maya Lopez Sitting In The Back Of A Pickup Truck In Echo Season 1 Episode 2

It’s currently unknown if Echo season 2 is in the cards from Marvel Studios. Having been placed under the new Marvel Spotlight banner, it’s possible that Echo was more of a one-shot story. However, that doesn’t mean that Maya Lopez’s Echo couldn’t still appear in future MCU movies or shows going forward. Having evolved into a hero by the final episode, it does seem as though there’s more of her story that could certainly be told.

All episodes of Marvel’s Echo are now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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