• Marvel’s
    The Fantastic Four
    cast receives a creative MCU makeover in a piece of fan art that shows how different the team’s suits will be in the Phase 5 movie.
  • The fan edit overdesigns Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s costumes in order to showcase the MCU’s tendency to complicate superhero suits.
  • The MCU’s
    The Fantastic Four
    will likely look drastically different from every other superhero movie due to its retro setting.



Marvel’s The Fantastic Four cast receive a drastic MCU makeover in a creative piece of fan art. The MCU’s upcoming The Fantastic Four movie has begun its most important phase of development, as The Fantastic Four‘s official cast has been revealed, filming is set to start in the second half of 2024, and its release date has been changed to July 25, 2025. The first official The Fantastic Four image depicting Marvel’s First Family shows a vintage take on the team, with a mid-century style reflected in the heroes’ uniforms.

The Fantastic Four‘s concept art is a far cry from the typically modern look of most MCU heroes, as evidenced by a fan edit of the MCU image by artist @waffle_iron_art (via X user @samk0006). The fan edit redesigns Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s suits to make them resemble those of characters like Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and Thor, which have been criticized for sticking to Marvel’s trend of overdesigning superhero suits unnecessarily. See the artwork below:

In the edit, the costumes’ darker color and tangled web of decorative white lines and panels poke fun at the MCU’s traditional approach to superhero suits. Instead of the original wool-like material seen in the original image, Reed Richards and Sue Storm now wear a one-piece suit made out of what seems to be a blend of leather and spandex. Side by side, it’s clear how different the Fantastic Four’s MCU costumes are planned to be in the Phase 5 movie.

How The Fantastic Four’s Rumored 1960s Setting Can Set The Movie Apart

The Fantastic Four Wearing Their Classic 1960s Costumes in Marvel Comics

The MCU’s first official FF concept image suggests that The Fantastic Four will take place in the 1960s with hints like Ben Grimm’s astronaut photo, the Life magazine issue seemingly depicting President Lyndon B. Johnson, and The Fantastic Four title’s lettering. An MCU movie set in the 1960s provides the perfect chance for the franchise to take a wildly different direction in terms of audiovisual style. The Fantastic Four may not only be able to wear minimalistic superhero suits, but also inhabit a lively world with 1960s decor, music, and dialog.

The Fantastic Four made their Marvel Comics debut in November 1961.

Phase 4’s WandaVision already proved how unique an MCU installment can be when it takes full advantage of its retro setting. In fact, WandaVision director Matt Shakman is the one helming TheFantastic Four, which suggests that the Phase 5 movie will have the same attention to detail as the MCU’s first Disney+ series. In WandaVision, even the show’s aspect ratio evolved constantly in order to reflect each decade WandaVision‘s Scarlet Witch had in mind when transforming Westview with her chaos magic.

Without the need to acknowledge current events in the MCU’s present-day timeline, The Fantastic Four can shift the focus of its worldbuilding efforts into its 1960s setting. From pop culture to politics and fictional events in the MCU’s past, the Fantastic Four can bring their environment to life as they interact with the world of that era. Just by wearing a simple blue-and-white costume with no extra details or padding, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm can stand out from almost every hero introduced throughout 17 years of MCU history.

Source: X / @waffle_iron_art, @samk0006

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