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  • Pedro Pascal may have been cast as Reed Richards in Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie, although the deal is not yet finalized.
  • The other actors in the Fantastic Four cast could be announced by the end of 2023.
  • There have been rumors about Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn potentially joining the cast, but nothing has been confirmed yet.



Marvel’s First Family may have found its Reed Richards as Pedro Pascal has reportedly been cast in the Fantastic Four movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and the film rights for Fantastic Four and X-Men returned to Marvel Studios, a new movie about Marvel’s First Family has been widely anticipated. With the Fantastic Four movie release date set for May 2025, pre-production has ramped up this year, including the casting search.

Today, there have been a flurry of reports surrounding Pedro Pascal being cast as Reed Richards in the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie, with DanielRPK first reporting he’d been offered the role. Then, /Film reported their sources confirmed Pascal had officially signed the deal to play Mister Fantastic. Finally, Deadline reported the “deal is far from done,” but the trade did confirm Pascal is in talks with Marvel Studios to join the Fantastic Four cast. Deadline further noted that “scheduling is still being worked out,” but it looks like the actor and studio will reach a deal. Marvel Studios has not yet commented on any of the reports.

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Everything We Know About The MCU’s Fantastic Four Cast

If Marvel Studios is finalizing a deal with Pascal for the role of Reed Richards, it’s likely the other actors are either locked in or will be soon. As such, the four main members of the MCU Fantastic Four cast could be revealed before the end of 2023. Since Hollywood all but shuts down for the last two weeks of December, the announcement could arrive some time in the next month.

As for who else might join Pascal in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot, there have been a number of actors and actresses rumored since before the SAG-AFTRA strike began in July. Over the summer there were rumors that Mission Impossible’s Vanessa Kirby was eyed for Sue Storm, while Stranger Things breakout Joseph Quinn was up for the role of Johnny Storm. In terms of Ben Grimm aka The Thing, there haven’t been any significant rumors, though it’s been said Marvel is looking for a Jewish actor.

It remains to be seen whether Pascal does officially sign the deal to join Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie, but it’ll likely come down to scheduling. With Pascal attached to both Gladiator 2 and The Last of Us season 2, among other projects, he has a packed schedule for the coming years. Hopefully, Marvel and Pascal will be able to work it out, and the MCU will have its first official cast member for Fantastic Four.

Source: DanielRPK, /Film, Deadline

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