• Vision’s ability to lift Mjolnir might be due to his unique synthetic nature, making him an exceptional exception in the MCU mythos.
  • The worthiness clause of Mjolnir remains open to interpretation, with notable figures like Thor and Captain America embodying virtues of virtue and selflessness.
  • Despite being virtuous, Vision’s potential worthiness might not have been as significant as other MCU characters like Captain America when handling the mighty hammer.



Vision is one of the most powerful of the Avengers (though with admittedly untapped potential in the MCU) – but at least one of his defining moments might not be as impressive as it first appeared. Vision’s MCU future is currently unclear, with his most recent appearance being 3 years ago in WandaVision. This saw a version of Vision that was recreated by Wanda Maximoff’s powerful chaos magic going toe-to-toe with his rebuilt synthezoid body before restoring his memories to the newly dubbed “White Vision” and being wiped once more from reality. White Vision, meanwhile, flew off into MCU uncertainty.

The enigmatic nature of Vision is nothing new, however. His creation in Avengers: Age of Ultron was part of a miasma of circumstances for which Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Ultron, Helen Cho, and the Mind Stone were all partly responsible. Thankfully for the Avengers, his genesis came with his tacit allegiance to their cause after specifically expressing his will to protect humanity. Shortly thereafter came a shocking MCU moment in which Vision effortlessly lifted Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which seemed to cement his virtuous nature. Despite being virtuous, however, one theory states that this was not because he was worthy.


Every MCU Character Who’s Lifted Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was the most celebrated weapon in the MCU. Who else besides the God of Thunder did the hammer deem worthy to lift it?

Vision Lifting Mjolnir May Have Been Because He’s Not Traditionally Alive

Paul Bettany's Vision hands Thor Mjolnir in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Vision’s creation was ostensibly to become Ultron’s final, perfect form. With Helen Cho’s help and the use of the Regeneration Chamber, Ultron created Vision as a synthezoid, a construct made of both artificial organic tissue and Vibranium, making Vision – despite appearances – an android. Given that an android is a robot, thus not composed of the same biological flesh and blood as animals, his body is equivalent to an inanimate object given sentience.

This creates a loophole through which Vision can “lift” Mjolnir. Because the consequences of what it means to lift an object are nebulous, Mjolnir has been at least supported by various objects throughout its MCU history, with the most recent being a coat hanger in Thor and Love’s place of residence in Thor: Love & Thunder. A coat hanger, table, or the floor is not considered “worthy” of holding Mjolnir for obvious reasons, though it is through the same laws of metaphysics that Mjolnir can be supported and lifted by Vision.

What Makes Someone Worthy To Wield Thor’s Hammer?

Captain America wielding Mjolnir in Avengers Endgame

Mjolnir’s worthiness clause is one of the MCU’s most hotly debated topics thanks to the vague wording of Odin’s original enchantment: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Therefore, the specifics of what this worthiness entails can only be derived from evidence demonstrated by everyone who wielded Mjolnir in the past. Aside from Vision, other characters who wielded Mjolnir after Odin’s enchantment was placed upon it were Thor and Captain America.

Although Hela was seen holding Mjolnir and destroying it, few believe that this is because she is “worthy.” This is more likely due to her incredible power overcoming even that of Mjolnir, as it was not lifted but stopped before being effortlessly destroyed. Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, meanwhile, was able to wield Mjolnir after Thor’s sub-enchantment bound the hammer to her protection in her time of need – though there are strong arguments to suggest that the Mighty Thor was worthy, regardless.


Why Anyone Can Lift Thor’s Stormbreaker – But NOT Mjolnir

Thor was the only one able to lift the Mjolnir for the longest time, but things are different with Stormbreaker because everyone can use it – why?

In Thor and Captain America’s case, these characters had a proven propensity to make the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of the greater good. Theories abound over which other MCU character could lift Mjolnir if given the chance, but Thor and Steve Rogers’ shared traits including valor, virtuousness, and altruism, are good indicators of what Mjolnir considers to be worthy. While these traits could arguably be ascribed to Vision, the lack of significant payoff when compared to Captain America makes this nonhuman theory all the more compelling.

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