• Pedro Pascal’s reported involvement in Fantastic Four has generated excitement among Marvel fans.
  • A realistic fan art envisions Pascal as Reed Richards, wearing a modernized version of the Fantastic Four team costume.
  • Pascal’s popularity, franchise experience, and acting ability make him a great choice to play Reed Richards in Fantastic Four.



Marvel’s Fantastic Four casting recently got an exciting new chapter with Pedro Pascal’s reported involvement, and the actor now becomes Reed Richards in a realistic Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art that makes the case for his casting. The road to the Fantastic Four cast has been filled with rumors, but it seems like that might be getting to an end. Pascal is in talks to play Reed in Fantastic Four, and the news has sent Marvel fans into a frenzy.

On Instagram, digital artist @21xfour shared their vision for what Pascal could look like as the lead of Marvel’s Fantastic Four cast.

Pascal looks amazing as Reed in the fan art. The actor wears a modernized version of the Fantastic Four team costume, which is armor instead of the usual sleeker design. If Pascal ends up joining the film as Reed Richards, then Fantastic Four will already be on its way to becoming part of the list of the best MCU movies.

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Why Pedro Pascal Is A Great Choice To Play Reed Richards

Composite Of Pedro Pascal from The Last of Us And John Krasinski as Reed Richards In The MCU

While a bit out of left field, as Pascal is older than many actors that had come up as possible Reed Richards candidates — such as You‘s Penn Badgley — and had never appeared as part of the rumored names for the film, the actor is an interesting pick for Reed. Pascal is one of the most popular actors at the moment, which could lead to a built-in audience following him to Fantastic Four. As Marvel’s First Family is important for the future of the MCU, Pascal’s casting could help Fantastic Four succeed.

Pascal is a well-known franchise player. The actor has appeared in Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell and plays the lead in both the Star Wars universe’s The Mandalorian as Din Djarin, as well as the video game adaptation The Last of Us as Joel Miller. Leading a major MCU movie such as Fantastic Four comes with great pressure, especially with all the criticism Marvel has been facing recently, and Pascal’s past roles guarantee that he will not feel it.

More importantly, Pascal has the necessary acting ability to play such a major role in the MCU as Reed Richards. Mr. Fantastic is one of Marvel Comics’ most complex heroes, and Pascal’s recent turn as Joel showed that the actor has the necessary range to play a heroic character who has more going on under the surface. In The Mandalorian, Pascal showed that his skills also extend to conveying emotion through only his body language or voice. Plus, Pascal has superhero movie experience from Wonder Woman 1984 and We Can Be Heroes, making him a great choice to play Reed in Fantastic Four.

Source: @21xfour/Instagram

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