• Kathryn Newton wants to see Cassie Lang on a team and explore the dynamics of working together and learning from peers.
  • Cassie, Kamala, and Kate need to step out of the shadow of their mentors and discover what it means to be heroes on their own.
  • Working with a team could help Cassie grow as a person and an Avenger, allowing her to evolve beyond her rebellious streak and reach her greatest potential.



Kathryn Newton reveals what she wants to explore with Cassie Lang in a potential Young Avengers team-up movie. Cassie has been a staple of the Ant-Man movies, but in Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania, she made her debut as a hero in her own right, with Newton taking the role over from Abby Ryder Fortson in the first two movies and Emma Fuhrmann in Avengers: Endgame. The recently released The Marvels teased a potential Young Avengers team-up, with Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan visiting Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in the mid-credits, akin to Nick Fury’s Avengers building teases.

Screen Rant recently spoke with Kathryn Newton in honor of the Sundance premiere for her new movie, the biographical dark comedy Winner. She also discussed what she’d love to explore in a potential Young Avengers team-up, recalling her own experiences on a team in high school and how she would like to mirror that experience with Cassie Lang. Check out Newton’s full quote below:

I’d like to see her on a team. I feel like for me when I was in high school on my golf team, championship ring right here, I was obsessed with being number one. I wanted to be the team captain, and my coach was like, No captain, that’s not how we do it here. We’re all equal, and be on a team and win and lose together. So I feel like that’s something that everyone can relate to, is having to be together on the team on the rise and be together in trenches. So, I’d like to see some more of that.

How Cassie Can Become A Better Hero From Working With The Young Avengers

Cassie Lang has clearly been inspired by the heroics of her father, Scott, and the Van Dynes, though Quantumania showed she still has a lot to learn about being a hero. All three of the potential Young Avengers have worked with more established heroes who have attempted to show them the reality of this life, including the loss and the sacrifices that come with it. However, if Cassie, Kamala, and Kate are going to grow into heroes in their own right, they’ll need to step out of the shadow of their mentors and understand what it means to stand on their own.


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Working with their peers in this field will also likely help them grow into their own heroes. Cassie can especially learn from Kate and Kamala after her own hubris puts her family in danger by sending them to the Quantum Realm. Cassie clearly wants to help people, but she has a rebellious streak regarding her father and a belief that he isn’t doing enough. Working with a team of other new heroes who have learned some of the harder parts of heroism and moving past her need to rebel against her father could help Cassie evolve as both a person and an Avenger.

Newton’s point about failing and succeeding together as a team is exactly what these heroes need to reach their greatest potential. The Young Avengers have an opportunity to move beyond their predecessors by truly becoming a team as they fight universe-wide or even multiverse-level threats. By fighting together in the trenches to rise to the challenge, Cassie and the Young Avengers could become a stronger team and, thus, stronger individual heroes.

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