• Ryan Gosling may be joining the MCU as a brand-new cosmic hero, possibly portraying Richard Rider, a.k.a. Nova.
  • Fan art imagines Gosling in a comic-accurate Nova costume with the emblem of the Nova Empire and his star-embossed helmet.
  • Other potential roles for Gosling in the MCU include Ghost Rider, Quasar, Ka-Zar and Cyclops.



Amid rumors that Ryan Gosling will be joining the MCU, realistic art imagines the Academy Award-nominated actor as a brand-new cosmic hero in Marvel Studios’ ever-growing franchise. There has been speculation for several years that Ryan Gosling would be joining the MCU, dating as far back as 2016’s Doctor Strange, which saw Gosling in the running to play the titular Master of the Mystic Arts prior to Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting. More recently, rumors have hinted at Gosling being in conversation with Marvel Studios, meaning he could be closer than ever to assuming the role of a powerful new live-action superhero.

While there has been a huge amount of speculation regarding which Marvel Comics character Ryan Gosling could bring into the live-action MCU, recent rumors suggest he may be portraying Marvel Studios’ Richard Rider, a.k.a. Nova. This casting has been imagined in fan art shared by Charles Logan, imagining the La La Land and Barbie star as Nova.

The realistic art imagines Ryan Gosling in a comic-accurate Nova costume, fit with the emblem of the Nova Empire and his star-embossed helmet. Marvel Studios’ Nova project will debut Richard Rider in the MCU, though news on the upcoming series has been scarce.


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What MCU Hero Could Ryan Gosling Play?

While recent theories have hinted that Ryan Gosling will be cast as the MCU’s Nova, there are several other powerful heroes that the acclaimed actor could be in the running for. Many have suspected that Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider will soon join the MCU, and Gosling has been a popular fan-cast for the flaming antihero, alongside Norman Reedus, Keanu Reeves and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. After 2023’s The Marvels, it’s also possible that Quasar, Marvel Comics’ owner of the Quantum Bands, will soon be joining the MCU, and Gosling may have the perfect look for this charismatic, cosmic superhero.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have included a Savage Land tease, bringing a land inhabited by dinosaurs and primitive man into the MCU. This could lead to the debut of Ka-Zar, the Savage Land’s protector, and Ryan Gosling has the impressive physique to portray this hardened hero. There is also potential for Gosling to portray a prominent member of the MCU’s upcoming X-Men team, perhaps Scott Summers’ Cyclops, who acts as a leader to the team. This would be a fantastic role for Ryan Gosling, which would see him portray an incredibly powerful hero for several years.

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