Deadpool 3 set photos have shown some of the Marvel movie’s filming locations, and the latest shared by Ryan Reynolds reveals a new one.

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  • Ryan Reynolds shares a set photo teasing a new filming location for Deadpool 3 on Instagram.
  • The photo features chairs with the names of the characters Logan and Wade Wilson.
  • The background in the photo shows what could be a forest or jungle setting, indicating a new and unseen location for the upcoming movie.



Ryan Reynolds shared a new Deadpool 3 set photo on his social media that reveals a new filming location that hasn’t been seen before. The third film starring the Merc With a Mouth is highly anticipated, and set photos have been posted all over the internet as viewers try to learn more about the upcoming Marvel movie. Reynolds has tried to keep things under wraps, but sometimes teases his audience about what’s to come.

Today, on Reynolds’ Instagram, he shared a story featuring side-by-side chairs that say Logan and Wade Wilson, referencing his character and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds Instagram Story On January 17 Depicting Two Actor's Chairs In A Cornfield With Logan and Wade Wilson Printed On Them

What’s also interesting about the photo is the background, as it is filled with greenery and plants. It appears like they are filming in either a forest or jungle setting, a location that hasn’t appeared in any previous set photos or been confirmed by anyone involved with Deadpool 3.

Source: Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

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