• Sony’s Madame Web can help Venom compensate for Spider-Man’s absence. For instance, it introduces three Spider-People who can finally provide Venom with Spider-Man-like adversaries in the absence of the MCU’s Peter Parker.
  • Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazón, and Mattie Franklin’s spider emblems can inspire Venom to develop his iconic white spider chest logo.
  • Madame Web’s psychic abilities could help Venom gain knowledge about Spider-Man and potentially pave the way for a future MCU crossover with Sony’s multiversal foundations.



Sony’s Madame Web can solve three of the problems the Venom movies have faced due to Spider-Man’s absence in Eddie Brock’s Marvel universe. Sony’s 2024 movie Madame Web follows four Marvel heroes who are closely linked to Spider-Man, as well as the Spider-Man villain Ezekiel Sims. However, Sony’s Madame Web cast doesn’t include Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, as he inhabits a completely different Marvel timeline. Yet, Madame Web might be the closest a Sony has been to the MCU’s Spider-Man due to its multiversal implications.

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe exists parallel to the MCU’s main timeline, where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was born, developed powers, and became an Avenger. For this reason, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock knew nothing about Spider-Man and the Avengers until Doctor Strange’s spell temporarily brought him to the MCU’s Earth-616, as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s post-credits scene. Hence, Eddie Brock and Venom haven’t had the chance to do three things every Venom variant does in the comics. But even if they never get to meet Spider-Man, Madame Web at least gives Eddie and Venom the chance to compensate.

Venom Might Finally Have Spider-People To Fight In Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazón, And Mattie Franklin Are The SSU’s First Spider-People

While Venom has made a name for himself as a villain, a hero, and an anti-hero, he’s mostly known as a Spider-Man villain. However, Venom’s movie enemies have been limited to other symbiotes due to Spider-Man’s absence in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Venom 3 is unlikely to feature Spider-Man, but Madame Web conveniently introduces three Spider-People: Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazón, and Mattie Franklin. All three Spider-Women could fight Venom in Venom 3 or a future Sony movie, and at least one of them could become Venom’s archenemy.

A fight against Venom could also help Madame Web‘s three Spider-Women develop their superhero career. Not only would this finish establishing them as the first superhero protagonists in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, but it would also allow Julia, Anya, and Mattie to explore major pieces of Marvel lore that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man hasn’t been able to. For instance, they could dive into the symbiotes’ alien origin and end up fighting Knull, the God of the Symbiotes, or they could simply deal with the moral ambiguity that comes with bonding with a symbiote.

Knull’s Necrosword, the symbiotes’ original source, already appeared in the MCU during Thor: Love and Thunder.

Madame Web Gives Venom A Reason To Sport His White Spider Emblem

Venom Hasn’t Been Able To Develop His Iconic White Spider Symbol In Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Venom's White Spider Logo in Marvel Comics

The biggest physical difference between Sony’s Venom and the symbiote’s comic book counterpart might be the absence of the white spider symbol on his chest, which he usually develops when he first bonds with Spider-Man. Venom’s long overdue spider emblem has been impossible to adapt due to the lack of spider-related plot points in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe movies. Now that Madame Web‘s Cassandra Webb and her three Spider-Women allies owe their origin and powers to spiders, however, possible explanations abound.


The MCU Already Introduced Its Venom Host – Theory Explained

Spider-Man: No Way Home set up the MCU’s version of Venom – and Mac Gargan would be the perfect Venom host in Marvel’s shared universe.

Venom could eventually bond with a Spider-Woman and keep her spider symbol afterward. In fact, Sydney Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter already wears a suit that’s strikingly similar to Spider-Man’s iconic symbiote suit. All Venom has to do is reshape his white veins into the chest emblem. Otherwise, Venom could meet Madame Web and take a peak into other timelines and futures, which could inspire him to adopt the spider-themed emblem he already saw for a brief moment on Spider-Man’s suit during Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene.

Madame Web Builds Upon Venom’s Multiverse Teases

Venom Has Teased His Connection To The Multiverse In Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

venom, villains

Madame Web’s psychic abilities could be related to Venom’s link to the multiversal hive mind he mentioned during Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene. The symbiote hive mind seemingly allows Sony’s Venom to access knowledge from other symbiotes across the multiverse, which is why he recognized Tom Holland’s Spider-Man when he appeared on the news. If Venom meets Madame Web, she could help him gain all the knowledge other Venom variants have about Spider-Man, which would make Venom’s eventual meeting with the MCU’s Peter Parker easier to establish.

Venom could also help Madame Web have a stronger grasp on her abilities. If Cassandra Webb finds a way to connect to Venom’s symbiote hive mind, she could be able to access countless universes where symbiotes have met or bonded with a Spider-Person, including Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe. Together, Madame Web and Venom 3 could also build towards an MCU crossover with the help of Sony’s own multiversal foundations, teased across the Venom movies, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Vulture’s appearance in Morbius‘ post-credits scene.

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