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  • Director Gareth Edwards denies rumors of being picked for Thor 5, claiming he has never heard anything about it.
  • Edwards expresses his love for Marvel and the future of cinema but emphasizes his desire to pursue original sci-fi.
  • While not ruling out the possibility, Edwards states that he would consider directing Thor 5 in the right circumstances.



With the departure of Taika Waititi from the Thor franchise, the pressure is on the MCU to pick the perfect director for Thor 5 – and the director of the best Star Wars movie has responded to rumors that it could be him. Thor 5 is yet to be confirmed, but with the post-credits scene of Thor: Love & Thunder, and Hemsworth himself willing to return, it seems almost certain. As anticipation builds, however, there are questions over what kind of tone it will adopt, and the style of one director in particular stands out as a favorite.

Speaking with BroBible, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards had this to say when faced with the rumors that he would be picked as Thor 5‘s director:

“I’ve never heard anything about it. It’s totally… the internet is an incredible place. I love those movies. I love Marvel, a lot of my friends work on Marvel films. I’m very excited about the future of cinema, personally…I love all the other movies and franchises, I go to see them. I have most of them on my DVD/Blu-ray shelf. But I really want to keep pursuing original sci-fi. Was that a very politically correct answer? I never say never. In the right circumstances, absolutely.”

The good news is that Edwards doesn’t seem to have ruled out the possibility entirely, even if he hasn’t been approached to direct (yet). As it stands, the MCU is already heavy on sci-fi, particularly in recent installments of the Thor franchise. If Edwards does, therefore, feel enticed to get stuck into a Thor movie, then it would be a net positive for everybody.


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Why Gareth Edwards Would Be Perfect To Direct Thor 5

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Following the over-the-top comedic nature of Thor: Love and Thunder, fans have been clamoring for a tonal shift in the franchise. Thor 5 could be Thor’s last movie and could therefore stand to ensure that his epic legacy doesn’t end with a punchline. He is, after all, the most prolific MCU hero at this point, and deserves a send-off worthy of his stature. Edwards, whose Star Wars spin-off movie, Rogue One, was a masterclass in emotional and character-driven sci-fi storytelling, could capably provide that.


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Thor 5 needs to be more character-driven and less focused on cataclysmic, world-ending threats, as Thor now focuses on raising his newfound daughter. The arrival of Hercules alongside Love (and a slew of Asgardians) offers the perfect lay-up for someone like Edwards to hone in on a more grounded story, where Thor faces Hercules because Hercules wants only to harm Thor and not destroy everything. Edwards’ ability to depict nuanced characters worth caring about would be perfect for such a story, as he possibly sets up Hercules as a new MCU hero while bringing Thor’s tenure to a poignant end.

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