• The MCU’s Fantastic Four poster features a version of Thing that is incredibly accurate to the source material, promising a comic-accurate design.
  • The 2015 version of Thing in the Fantastic Four film lost some of its comic book charm due to its realistic and CGI-heavy design.
  • The new MCU Thing design draws inspiration from previous versions, including the bulky physique from Jamie Bell’s portrayal, and promises to be a huge improvement overall.



The Fantastic Four looks like it’ll already be outdoing its past iterations in one design detail. Ever since Marvel Studios regained the rights to the Fantastic Four characters, the promised MCU reboot of the superhero family has been highly anticipated. Casting for the film was finally confirmed on February 14, 2024, with Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm.

The Fantastic Four team has previously had two other feature film franchises, with Tim Story’s 2005 Fantastic Four and its sequel and Josh Trank’s 2015 Fantastic Four. One of the most jarring details of both of these films was the poor design of Thing. Though there’s no footage of Moss-Bachrach’s Thing just yet, his character that’s featured on Marvel’s recently released poster looks to already be more promising than his previous counterparts.


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The MCU’s Thing Looks Comics Accurate

Though the beauty of the MCU is that it can take liberties from its source material, comic-accurate details are always appreciated. Especially when it comes to costumes, MCU characters having comic-accurate designs is what makes the source material feel like it’s coming to life on the big screen. Plenty of Marvel characters aren’t human, which makes their designs a little harder to translate, but the first look at the MCU’s Thing looks to be one of the most promising designs yet.


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The Thing is recognizable by his boulder-like physique and orange-brown rock-textured skin in the Marvel comics, and the MCU’s Fantastic Four poster features a version of Thing that is incredibly accurate to the source material. Although the poster only features an illustrated version of the MCU’s revamped Thing so far, it can be assumed that the illustration is accurate as the rest of the team have likenesses to their respective actors. Even if the poster design is just a plan, it’s promising that the studio intends to go with comic accuracy.

2015’s Fantastic Four Changed The Thing’s Design For The Worse

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing In 2015's Fantastic Four Staring At Miles Teller As Reed Richards

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four was released in 2015 as the second live-action reboot of the franchise. Jamie Bell played Ben Grimm in the film, and Thing’s design underwent a few changes since the original 2005 film. The 2015 version of the Thing was very muscular, and the rock textures on his skin looked quite realistic compared to the previous film. Bell’s Thing was able to take on such a realistic boulder-like appearance because of the CGI help, but this decision might’ve actually changed Thing’s design for the worse.

Because the film went for realism with the Thing’s appearance, the 2015 version of the character lost some of his comic book charm. Ben’s transformation into the Thing is a curiosity in itself, so his character design feels best when it embraces the almost goofy comic book nature. It would’ve been almost impossible to do a fully practical Thing costume, but the CGI that Fantastic Four went with should’ve embraced more of Thing’s quirkiness rather than going for a lifeless, realistic boulder with no shorts.

How The New MCU Thing Compares To Previous Movie Versions

Michael Chiklis as The Thing Fantastic Four

The MCU’s version of the Thing looks like he’ll have quite the bulky physique, which was one of the positives of Bell’s Thing design. Though Michael Chiklis’ Thing design hasn’t aged the best, the MCU’s version looks to be drawing inspiration from it and hopefully improving on it with CGI. Considering that the Roger Corman-produced 1994 Fantastic Four film was deemed unreleasable, it’s best that the MCU doesn’t take much inspiration from the film’s questionable Thing design either. While the 2005 and 2015 live-action Thing designs weren’t terrible, the MCU’s version promises to be a huge improvement.


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Though the live-action MCU Thing has yet to be seen, the poster promises a comic-accurate version of the character’s design that combines only the best parts of every previous live-action iteration. From what has been illustrated on Marvel’s latest Fantastic Four poster, the film is aiming to reimagine the Thing with an appealing character design while also keeping some of that quirky comic book charm. The Fantastic Four is surely one of the most highly anticipated upcoming MCU films, and Thing’s final live-action design will be a big testament to the quality.

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