• Kamala Khan is set to build the Young Avengers team, already recruiting Kate Bishop and considering Cassie Lang as another recruit.
  • Iman Vellani is excited to see the young heroes interact with America Chavez and Patriot at the top of her list.
  • Ms. Marvel’s experiences and guidance from Nick Fury could help her learn from the original Avengers’ successes and failures, allowing her to handpick her team based on data and individual strengths.

Iman Vellani reveals which Young Avengers characters she is excited for Kamala Khan to interact with after setting up the team in The Marvels. Based on the final scene of the movie, it seems Kamala will be the one to build the team, already recruiting Kate Bishop and mentioning Cassie Lang as another potential recruit. There are a number of other young heroes who have been introduced throughout the Multiverse Saga who are expected to be a part of this new team of superheroes.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Marvels, Iman Vellani also discussed the Young Avengers. She shared her excitement about seeing the young heroes interact with each other in the future. Vellani was especially looking forward to Kamala Khan teaming up with America Chavez and Elijah Bradley, aka Patriot. Check out Vellani’s full quote below:

Iman Vellani: I just want to see them interact. I think they’ve left so many of the younger character stories open-ended, and to see fans start shipping people together, it would be something like, I want to see Kamala interact with America. I want to see Kamala interact with Patriot, I don’t know. Just all these random people. And so yeah, I think there’s so many different avenues you could take with this.

Ms. Marvel Is The Perfect Character To Bring Together The Young Avengers

The MCU has seemingly been setting up the Young Avengers since the start of the Multiverse Saga, with new heroes being brought into the fold in the vast majority of the movies and Disney+ series. While many of these heroes, including Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang, actively want to become Avengers after being inspired by specific members of the first team, Kamala Khan has not only wanted to be an Avenger for years; she actively worked with Nick Fury and has been mentored by the hero that inspired the Avengers in the first place.

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Ms. Marvel can learn directly from Fury what worked about the original Avengers and what didn’t while also handpicking her team based on the data from his own files, which is how she found Kate Bishop. While many of these young heroes have already faced down major villains, Ms. Marvel was part of a team that showed her why it is so important to work with others instead of taking the weight of the universe on her own shoulders. While her interactions with Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang will be entertaining because they have all pursued this life throughout their childhood, some of the other Young Avengers will have very different experiences.

Elijah Bradley, who is expected to become a Patriot, grew up with his grandfather, who saw only the negative side of the super-soldier program, and America Chavez has largely experienced isolation, tragedy, and horror with her own powers. This sets up very different views on the idea of superheroes, which may challenge Kamala Khan’s own understanding of what the Young Avengers could be. This isn’t a bunch of kids playing superheroes; these are young adults who can understand the ramifications of this path and actively make the choice to become Young Avengers at a time when the Avengers are no longer actively protecting the world as a team.

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