• Recent teases and seeming confirmation of the Netflix Defenders shows being added to the MCU timeline suggest that the long-standing debate over whether these shows are canon is finally over.
  • Actor Vincent D’Onofrio confirmed that Daredevil: Born Again and Netflix’s Daredevil are linked, sparking interest in revisiting the other Netflix MCU shows.
  • The end credits scene in Marvel’s Echo teases the return of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, setting up a potential storyline that could reintroduce Luke Cage to the franchise and resolve a cliffhanger from Luke Cage season 2.



The MCU finally has the chance to answer an exciting, six-year-old cliffhanger thanks to recent teases and the apparent canonization of the show it belonged to: Luke Cage. The hot topic in the world of the MCU of late is the Netflix Defenders shows being added to the MCU timeline. This was confirmed on Disney+ and led many to believe that the long-lasting debate of whether Netflix’s many MCU shows are canon is finally over.

This was only furthered by actor Vincent D’Onofrio who confirmed Daredevil: Born Again and Netflix’s Daredevil are linked. Therefore, attention began turning back to the Netflix MCU shows including Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher, and Defenders. While these shows exhibit both the best and worst of Netflix’s Defenders saga, many would agree that seeing them revisited in the MCU is an exciting prospect. Due to these canon updates and future character teases thanks to Echo‘s post-credit scene, perhaps the most intriguing cliffhanger from Netflix’s MCU shows can be resolved.


Marvel’s Echo Post-Credits Scene Explained

Marvel’s Echo show includes one end credits scene after the fifth episode, “Maya.” We break down what it means for Maya Lopez and Kingpin.

Kingpin’s Mayoral Run Would Be The Perfect Time To Reintroduce Luke Cage To The MCU

Kingpin fixing his cuffs in the MCU next to Luke Cage crossing his arms

The tease found in Echo pertains to the character of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, a prominent figure in Netflix’s Defenders saga. At the end of Echo, Fisk returned to New York after failing to convince the titular Maya to come back with him. On his commute back to the city, Fisk was shown to be notably intrigued by the prospect of running for mayor of New York City. This seemingly sets up Daredevil: Born Again and Fisk’s MCU future with the storyline being the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Mike Colter’s Luke Cage to the franchise.

At the end of Luke Cage season 2, the titular character was left off in an intriguing position. After spending two seasons battling against a crime organization that ran out of a club named Harlem’s Paradise, Luke was granted the club due to the will of its previous owner. Luke Cage season 2 ended with Luke taking control of the club and its crime ring, only as a “Sheriff” rather than a king or queen. Nevertheless, the show left hints that Luke could be corrupted by the power the world of crime brings which could tie into Kingpin’s mayoral campaign.

How Luke Cage Could Fit Into Daredevil: Born Again

Luke Cage with bullet holes in his shirt next to Daredevil's MCU/She-Hulk poster

Kingpin running for mayor of New York means one thing in the MCU: Fisk is seeking to control the entire city. While it is unclear how deep his crime organization runs after the events of Netflix’s Daredevil and the character’s few core MCU appearances, it is evident that he still has a massive influence in the world of crime. Therefore, Luke Cage could be positioned as a direct threat to Kingpin’s empire.

The MCU could introduce Luke Cage as someone who has either separated Harlem from New York’s criminal underworld and cleansed the borough of corruption as he intended, or was corrupted himself. Either way, Kingpin will likely see this as a threat, the former to his legitimate mayoral campaign and the latter to his own illicit criminal empire. Regardless, Luke Cage being tied into Daredevil: Born Again is a perfect way to reintroduce one of the Defenders while paying off Netflix’s most intriguing cliffhanger from six years ago.

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