• “Captain America: Civil War” was a successful film adaptation of the original Marvel Comics event, and the MCU could potentially adapt its sequel event, “Civil War 2.”
  • An exciting fan poster imagines what “Civil War 2” could look like as an upcoming Marvel movie, featuring characters like Captain Marvel, Thor, Deadpool, and Spider-Man.
  • In “Civil War 2,” Captain Marvel could assume the role of her comic counterpart, while Anthony Mackie’s Captain America could replace Iron Man. The story would revolve around a character who can predict the future and the conflict between pre-emptive strikes and protecting innocent people.



Civil War 2 comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new exciting fan poster. Captain America: Civil War adapted the original Marvel Comics event in 2016. However, the MCU has yet to make its version of the comic book story’s sequel event, which was also released in 2016. As Captain America: Civil War is one of the MCU’s best movies, Civil War 2 has a chance of being adapted in the future.

On Instagram, artist @marvels.wolverine imagined what Civil War 2 could look like as one of Marvel’s upcoming movies.

The fan poster pictures characters like Captain Marvel and original Avenger Thor — who was not in Captain America: Civil War — as part of the MCU’s Civil War 2. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and prominent MCU characters like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man also appear.


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How Marvel Comics’ Civil War II Could Work In The MCU

The Comic’s Main Conflict Would Be Great For The MCU

Iron Man and Captain Marvel facing each other in Marvel Comics' Civil War 2

While Civil War 2 brought back Iron Man as one of the two faces behind the war between heroes in the Marvel Universe, Captain America was replaced by Captain Marvel in the sequel comic book event. In the MCU, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel could assume the role of her comic counterpart while Iron Man gets replaced by Anthony Mackie’s Captain America. The move would not only be a fun switch to the comic but also make sense story-wise.

Civil War 2‘s story hinged on the reveal of a character who could seemingly predict the future. A major superhero war then erupts over how to use the powers of the Inhuman Ulysses Cain. Captain Marvel and her team are in favor of stopping any future threats before they arise based on Ulysses’ ability, even if it means imprisoning innocent people. On the other hand, Iron Man and his team are against pre-emptive strikes in response to Ulysses’ power, which is based on probability, meaning his visions are not always accurate.

In the MCU, Civil War 2 could feature Captain Marvel in a similar role, as she has seen first-hand the horrors that the galaxy holds. Sam Wilson, as Captain America, would not want to arrest or fight anyone before they have given a reason for that to happen, and that would divide the MCU’s heroes into two teams. With the MCU’s debut of a multiversal Illuminati team, the MCU’s main version of the squad could play a role in a possible Civil War 2, as the Illuminati are known for making morally questionable choices.

Source: @marvels.wolverine/Instagram

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