• What If…? Season 2 explores the Multiverse and the Butterfly Effect, showcasing how minor decisions can change fate.
  • The Space Stone’s power in What If…? is slightly different from its display in the MCU, imbuing people with identical superpowers.
  • The introduction of the Mohawk characters in What If…? represents a significant milestone, as they are the first original characters in the MCU without comic book origins.



After nearly two decades, the MCU has depicted an original superhero origin story in What If…? Season 2 and has retconned the power of one Infinity Stone. What If…? Season 2 has explored the Multiverse and the timelines in which both major and minor decisions have changed the course of fate in mind-bending depictions of the Butterfly Effect in the MCU. The most recent episode, What If…Kahhori Reshaped The World?, surrounds the fate of the Space Stone and the effects of Odin choosing to wield it against Surtur in defense of Asgard as Sutur brings about Ragnarök.

Interestingly, it isn’t the aftermath of the Asgardians’ destruction that What If…? Season 2 focuses on. Instead, the MCU decided to depict the fate of the Tesseract as it is sent toward Earth and affects a region in pre-colonial North America. Though it isn’t destroyed, the tip of Surtur’s world-ending sword is capable of splitting the Tesseract, unleashing the power of the Infinity Stone within. That power, however, looks slightly different from the powers the Space Stone displayed in the MCU and has reopened questions surrounding precisely what the MCU Infinity Stones are capable of.


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What If Season 2’s Kahorri Changes How The Tesseract Works

While submerged in a subterranean lake in North America, the Tesseract displays its most recognizable power: transporting (via a portal) those that come into contact with the water to an Elysian paradise replete with the powers of the Space Stone. In addition to transporting people across realms, however, the Tesseract also imbues them with a slew of superpowers. This isn’t unheard of in the MCU, but there are several differences to how the Maximoff twins and Carol Danvers received their Stone-borne powers. Most notably, the Space Stone imbued all those who came into contact with it in the lake with identical powers.

This changes how the Mind Stone, in the form of the Scepter, imbued Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with their powers. For one thing, the twins received their powers after several failed attempts on other subjects, suggesting the Infinity Stones aren’t survivable by crowds as large as Kahhori’s Mohawk ancestors. For another, it awakened two disparate abilities within the twins. The Mohawk people, however, displayed the same abilities of super speed and telekinesis while also never aging. It could be that the Space Stone is more generous in bestowing powers than its yellow counterpart. Alternatively, it could suggest an innate unity in the Mohawk residents of the Sky World.

While the Mohawk people who were transported to Sky World received the same powers, the same did not happen to the Spanish army, suggesting that the Space Stone was selective in who received the powers or that the Mohawk people had their powers awakened.

What If Suggests How Strong Infinity Stones Are

Odin holds the Tesseract in What If...Kahhori Reshaped the World?

Following the culmination of the Infinity Saga, the sheer power of the Infinity Stones is evident. Yet the power of Surtur when fulfilling his destiny was arguably the one thing that could hold a candle to the power of an Infinity Stone as he laid waste to an entire realm and defeated the thus-far insurmountable Hela in the process. Odin’s thought process when holding the Tesseract up in defense of Asgard, then, was understandable – though it still wasn’t enough to save his Kingdom.


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Despite this, the Infinity Stone survived. While it broke upon landing on Earth, the Tesseract was still able to take the full force of Surtur’s world-ending Sword and survive. At the same time, the fact that Surtur was able to damage the stone’s casing at all is a testament to his power when imbued with the resolve to fulfill his destructive destiny.

Kevin Feige’s Part In The MCU’s First Original Character Revealed

Kahhori and Atahraks glow and look determined in What If...Kahhori Reshaped THE World?

Kahhori and the superpowered Mohawks of the Sky World are completely original characters in the MCU and the first ones that the franchise created. Their MCU debut was thanks to the episode’s writer, Ryan Little, who worked closely with the Mohawk people to create the episode and its characters. As completely original characters, they represent a significant milestone in the MCU’s history, which has now given rise to brand-new characters without comic book origins. Kevin Feige’s role in this, meanwhile, was to afford the Mohawk people as much autonomy in their creation as possible.

The Mohawk voice of Atahraks, Jeremy White, revealed via X that Feige’s only notes on the characters’ creation were “if the consultants love it, then I love it!” The consultants, in this instance, were Mohawk people and historians, meaning the characters are as faithful to their Mohawk heritage as possible. As characters of the What If…? series, it is unclear whether Kahhori and Atahraks will reappear in the wider MCU, but the cliffhanger ending in which Doctor Strange seems to recruit Kahhori raises some exciting Multiversal questions.

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