• The Black Panther spinoff series, Eyes of Wakanda, will explore brave warriors from throughout Wakandan history retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts.
  • Eyes of Wakanda is expected to expand on the history of Wakanda and explore the lives of its residents, potentially explaining unanswered MCU mysteries.
  • The series could finally explain how Howard Stark gained vibranium in the 1940s, with Wakanda’s brave warriors” possibly attempting to reclaim it from Captain America’s shield.



Marvel Studios’ new Black Panther spinoff series, Eyes of Wakanda, could answer a major MCU mystery dating back to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Ryan Coogler, director of the MCU’s Black Panther franchise, was announced to be creating a further Wakanda-set series for Marvel Studios in February 2021. News on Coogler’s Black Panther spinoff series had been quiet since its initial announcement, but at a December 2023 event promoting What If…? season 2, the series, Eyes of Wakanda, was confirmed to be releasing on Disney+ in 2024, and will be produced by Marvel Studios Animation, in the same vein as What If…? and the newly-retitled Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

While details regarding Eyes of Wakanda are still scarce, a brief synopsis of the upcoming animated series reveals that it will be exploring “brave warriors” from “throughout Wakandan history” who have traveled the world to retrieve dangerous vibranium artifacts. Eyes of Wakanda will be one of five MCU shows releasing on Disney+ in 2024, and is expected to expand on Marvel Studios’ Black Panther franchise by detailing some of the history of Wakanda and exploring the lives of its residents. As well as investigating Wakanda’s own history, Eyes of Wakanda has the opportunity to explain several other unanswered MCU mysteries, including one that dates back to the MCU’s Phase 1.


New Black Panther 2 Character Sets Up Rumored Okoye Spinoff

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer revealed Michaela Coel’s Aneka, and the blue-armored Dora Milaje secretly sets up Okoye’s rumored spinoff.

Howard Stark’s Vibranium Was Never Properly Explained

Steve Rogers with his unpainted vibranium shield in Captain America The First Avenger

After helping with his initial transformation into a super soldier in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark designed a range of potential shields for the newly-enhanced Steve Rogers. One of these shields – that Stark originally discarded – was composed of the “rarest metal on Earth,” a.k.a. vibranium. Stark mentioned that the vibranium of Captain America’s shield was the only piece of the coveted metal that the United States got their hands on, and while the circular shield was favored by Steve Rogers and became his trademark accessory, Marvel Studios never actually explained how Howard Stark retrieved the vibranium in the first place.

Eyes Of Wakanda Can Finally Explain How Stark Gained Vibranium

While Marvel Studios has never explained how Howard Stark got his hands on vibranium in the 1940s, the MCU’s upcoming Eyes of Wakanda series could finally shed some light on the matter. During 2018’s Black Panther, Ulysses Klaue tells CIA Agent Everett Ross that he was the only individual to ever infiltrate Wakanda and make it out alive, with vibranium in tow, referencing an invasion of the hidden African nation from 1992. However, it’s evident that others had tried to infiltrate Wakanda before him, as a selection of vibranium artifacts were on display in the British Museum which Killmonger noted had been forcibly taken from Wakanda.

Wakanda’s “brave warriors” may make an attempt to reclaim the vibranium from Captain America’s shield.

It’s possible that Howard Stark himself led a crusade on Wakanda or a neighboring African nation, claiming a small piece of vibranium for the United States that became Captain America’s shield. It’s also possible that the then-King of Wakanda and former Black Panther, Azzuri, gave the United States this piece of vibranium as a gift of good faith, and perhaps wouldn’t have revealed this exchange to other members of the Wakandan Royal Family. Whatever the case, this 12-year-old mystery could finally be explored in Eyes of Wakanda, as Wakanda’s “brave warriors” may make an attempt to reclaim the vibranium from Captain America’s shield.

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