• VFX artists praise the incredible visual effects in Loki season 2 as the “pinnacle” of comic book adaptations.
  • Multiple VFX companies and the directors worked closely to create visually arresting moments in Loki season 2.
  • Loki season 2 is hailed as one of the most visually complex and beautifully-executed projects in the MCU.



Marvel Studios used incredible visual effects to produce some of Loki season 2’s strongest moments, and these have now been praised by VFX artists who suggest they are the “pinnacle” of live-action comic book adaptations. Loki season 2 premiered on Disney+ on October 5, 2023, picking up immediately after the first season, with Loki and his team at the Time Variance Authority battling to bring stability to the multiverse following the destruction of the Sacred Timeline. The series quickly became one of the MCU Phase 5’s most popular installments, which was thanks in part to the series’ exemplary visual effects.

During a January 2024 episode of VFX Artists React from Corridor Crew, VFX artists Sam Gorski, Nico Pueringer and Jordan Coleman broke down several scenes from Loki season 2, examining the brilliant visual effects used by Marvel Studios. They particularly focused on the unraveling effect which can be seen when characters or buildings go through spaghettification, with the multiverse becoming more and more unstable. Corridor Crew’s VFX artists describe these moments as “the pinnacle of comic books being turned into TV shows and movies,” and note that Marvel Studios VFX teams comprise a “completely different class of visual effects artists.”


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Why Loki Season 2’s CGI Is So Good

Visual effects for Loki season 2 were provided by a team of several VFX companies, including Framestore, Trixter, Industrial Light and Magic, Rising Sun Pictures, Fuse FX and Cantina Creative, with Christopher Townsend serving as the series’ visual effects supervisor. The dedicated and painstaking work of these companies’ artists helped to create some of the most visually arresting and unforgettable moments in Loki season 2, so Corridor Crew are right to class them as the next level of VFX artist. This was all reinforced by the work of Marvel Studios and Loki’s directors, however, who had a very specific vision.

Directing duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson led most of Loki season 2, while Dan Deleeuw and Kasran Farahani each directed an episode. Directors worked closely with VFX artists and the cast to produce Loki season 2’s most challenging moments, including Loki’s time-slipping, and various worlds and characters unraveling. It was the directors’ collective vision that also allowed Loki season 2 to release with no reshoots, providing even more time for VFX artists to work their magic on the series. Loki season 2 will certainly go down in MCU history as one of the most visually complex and beautifully-executed projects.

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