• Daniel Brühl is open to returning as Baron Zemo in the MCU’s Thunderbolts movie if given the opportunity.
  • Zemo could potentially be a late recruit to the Thunderbolts team, helping deal with the main antagonist, Sentry.
  • It is unclear if more members will be added to the Thunderbolts team, and Zemo’s potential presence is still a mystery.



With his ties to the team in the comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Daniel Brühl speaks on whether Baron Helmut Zemo may take part in the Phase 5 movie, Thunderbolts. One of the big MCU movies coming up is Thunderbolts, which will finally adapt the morally gray team from page to screen. The Thunderbolts movie cast will consist of a mixture of MCU characters from past movies and TV shows to help serve as Marvel’s own version of the Suicide Squad for the Avengers-based franchise.

Screen Rant recently interviewed Brühl for his new movie Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia, and asked about MCU updates from the Captain America: Civil War and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star. When asked if he was approached to be in Thunderbolts, Brühl stated that with him working on Ron Howard’s new movie, he wouldn’t have been able to come back for the MCU movie. However, he is more than open to coming back, as Brühl shared the following:

It’s always a delicate subject matter of what can you say? What can you not say? It’s such a complex universe, as you know, that I only understand maybe 1% of it. There’s certain opportunities for you, there’s certain constellations where you might be part of more than in others. But it’s all a big if and a question mark. But again, if that would have been one of the projects for Zemo. I wouldn’t be shooting here in Australia with Ron Howard’s. And [if] destiny brings Zemo back sometime again, I would probably not say no.


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How Baron Zemo Could Fit Into Marvel’s Thunderbolts Movie Story

With Thunderbolts plot details still being kept under wraps, a recent update that emerged this fall was that Steven Yeun is playing Sentry in the MCU, as he will be making his live-action debut. However, it is still unclear if Sentry is the main villain for the Thunderbolts movie, or if there is a different secret antagonist in the story. This is where Zemo could potentially be factored in, especially if Brühl and Marvel Studios are keeping Zemo’s possible return under wraps, similar to how Andrew Garfield had to play along that he wasn’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

If Thunderbolts wanted to, they could have Zemo act as a late recruit to the team, perhaps to help as one of the masterminds of the team when it comes to dealing with Sentry. With Zemo still locked up at The Raft, there could be a point in the story where they encounter him and come to realize he could be useful for the team. Through this method, it would also allow Marvel to naturally work Zemo into the MCU again, especially if it leads to him escaping The Raft or being released in order to join the Thunderbolts.

It is unclear if Marvel Studios will have more members added to Thunderbolts outside the already announced cast members.

Why Zemo wasn’t already announced as being part of Thunderbolts is still a mystery, especially as joining the team would be the next organic story for him. Still, it wouldn’t be shocking if Marvel Studios kept Brühl’s Zemo return a surprise, as they are aware of him being a fan-favorite to the MCU audience. Hopefully, 2024 may shed some light on Zemo’s potential presence in Thunderbolts.

Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia, starring Brühl as Roland Gumpert, hits theaters and on VOD on January 5, 2024.

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