• The new trailer for The Marvels suggests a connection between Thanos and the main villain, Dar-Benn, possibly implying that their motives are aligned.
  • The MCU continues to reference Thanos to demonstrate the severity of threats in their cinematic universe, while the new Big-Bad, Kang, struggles to establish himself as a greater threat.
  • The Marvels may be the movie that finally concludes the legacy of Thanos and the Infinity Saga, allowing the Avengers to focus on the emerging multiversal threat.



Another trailer for The Marvels was recently unveiled and has shockingly redeployed Thanos once more with unused footage from Avengers: Endgame. Despite the fact that 10 MCU movies have been released since Avengers: Endgame, the penultimate installment of the Infinity Saga, the Mad Titan’s legacy lingers despite the MCU’s Multiverse Saga nearing its third phase. This time, The Marvels is alluding to a connection between Thanos and the main villain of The Marvels: the Kree revolutionary, Dar-Benn.

The new The Marvels trailer begins by going over some well-trodden ground with scenes from Avengers: Endgame that feature Captain Marvel, alongside Thanos’ voice echoing with two familiar lines: “Avengers,” and “I am inevitable.” The trailer then cuts to footage from The Marvels, specifically featuring Dar-Benn as Thanos continues with an as-yet unheard line: “There will always be more to finish my work.” Dar-Benn’s voice then cuts in with, “This is just the beginning,” as she wields the purple energy seemingly stemming from her heavily featured bangles.

Dar-Benn with Universal Weapon

The trailer suggests that Dar-Benn’s motives are aligned with, and perhaps inspired by, those of Thanos. Captain Marvel then reveals that Dar-Benn “Has been destroying every place I call home.” Whether the connection between the two villains runs deeper than their genocidal tendencies, however, is still up for question. Having Thanos specifically speak a line that has yet to appear in the MCU as a setup for Dar-Benn implies that this is the case, but then again, the MCU could once again be calling back to their original Big-Bad for the sake of it.

The MCU has picked up the habit of calling back to its biggest threat so far as it navigates a whole new phase. Given that Thanos was not only a monumental threat to the Avengers but was ultimately successful in carrying out his designs, it’s no wonder Marvel keeps referencing him to help demonstrate just how bad things can get in their cinematic universe. At the same time, the new Big-Bad, Kang, waits in the wings while his variants are summarily defeated and killed whenever they appear. This does not help position Kang as a greater threat than Thanos, and time is running out to do so.

It is also possible that The Marvels will finally be the movie to draw a line under Thanos and the Infinity Saga. Dar-Benn could represent the last bastion of Thanos’ legacy, who can be thwarted by just a few Avengers as the greater, multiversal, threat finally materializes in earnest. If this is the case, it is better late than never.

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