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Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, Episode 7




  • Hela becomes a new goddess after learning mercy and finding inner peace on Midgard in an alternate version of the MCU.
  • The episode combines elements from “Thor” and “Shang-Chi”, offering a brand-new status quo for this Hela variant.
  • Hela and the Asgardians join forces with Wenwu and the Ten Rings by the episode’s end, forming a cosmic empire to protect the Nine Realms and beyond.

Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, episode 7 ends with Hela becoming a brand-new goddess in an alternate MCU. Voiced by Cate Blanchett who reprises her live-action role in this new animated anthology episode, “What If…Hela Found The Ten Rings” sees the Goddess of Death being banished to Earth by her father Odin, rather than being imprisoned in Hel as seen in the main MCU. As such, this results in an exciting new origin for Hela and an exciting future by the episode’s end.

As seen in previous episodes of Marvel’s What If…?, a handful of episodes have previous MCU plots and themes meshed together to create new multiversal stories that are familiar while still exploring new territory in these alternate realities revealed by Uatu the Watcher. This includes “What If…Hela Found The Ten Rings?” as it’s essentially the first and third Thor films mixed with Shang-Chil and the Legend of the Ten Rings. However, the episode ends with an exciting new status quo for this alternate version of Hela who was banished to Earth, finding inner peace and how to offer mercy as a new Asgardian goddess.


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How Hela Became A New Goddess In The MCU

A Goddess of Death (And Life)

Helas as New MCU Goddess

Much like her brother Thor Odinson in the main MCU, Hela was banished to Midgard by Odin rather than being imprisoned in Hel. Likewise, her crown and source of power were stripped away, only to be claimed by one who could extend mercy (not unlike Thor’s hammer Mjolnir). Facing none other than the Xu Wenwu and the Ten Rings who offered an alliance, Hela ended up making her way to the mystical realm of Ta-Lo where she learned how to fight and seek inner peace as one of their guardians.

Having discovered her inner desire to claim the freedom to choose her own path which she never had as Odin’s daughter, Hela faces her father when he arrives on Midgard to claim the Ten Rings due to their ability to kill Asgardians. Joining Wenwu, the duo defeats Odin, though Hela ultimately offers her father mercy, an act that restores Hela’s crown while also transforming her into a Goddess of Death with a newfound appreciation for life.

How Odin Was Defeated In What If…? Season 2

Ta-Lo Training, Mercy, and the Power Of The Ten Rings

Choosing to stand with Wenwu, Hela used her new Ta-Lo training to great effect, using Odin’s own power against him while also bending the very air to wield a collection of firey knives, all while Weneu continued to assault the All-Father with the cosmic Ten Rings. Working in tandem, Hela and Wewu were able to separate Odin from Gungir, his mighty spear and source of power.

Hela and the Ten Rings’ New Empire Explained

Guardians of the Nine Realms And Beyond

Hela and Wenwu Running in What If Season 2

Having earned the throne from her father, Hela and the forces of Asgard joined with Wewu and the Ten Rings, becoming a powerful empire of cosmic guardians traveling the universe to protect the Nine Realms and Beyond. As such, it’s certainly an epic status quo that massively changes the course of events in this reality compared to what’s seen in the main MCU.

Will Hela Return In Marvel’s What If…Season 2?

Will Hela Encounter Strange Supreme And/Or Captain Carter?

Hela and Wenwu's Empire in What Season 2

As it stands, it’s unclear if this new and redeemed version of Hela will return in future episodes of Marvel’s What If…? season 2. However, it does seem as though the finale will serve as a crossover of heroes motivated by Strange Supreme’s return and other teased heroes such as Kahhori and Captain Carter. With any luck, this won’t be the last audiences see from this exciting new variant of Hela.

Marvel’s What If…? season 2, episode 7 is streaming now on Disney+

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