Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, Episode 9




  • Strange Supreme’s plans are revealed in the season finale as he tries to resurrect his entire universe using very dark methods.
  • Captain Carter and Kahhori defeat Strange Supreme with the help of powerful weapons from other MCU variants.
  • The finale teases a What If…? season 3 and a clip has already been released featuring Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian.

Marvel’s What If…? season 2, episode 9 ends with a major multiversal showdown, pitting Strange Supreme against Captain Carter and MCU newcomer Kahhori. Unable to reconcile with his grief, the most tragic and darkest Doctor Strange variant has returned to interfere with the balance of the entire multiverse. To that end, it’s up to Carter and Kahhori to save the whole of existence and countless variants in this exciting season finale.

Having just saved a reality in the year 1602 immediately after a complicated reunion with her version of Steve Rogers whom the Red Room had brainwashed, all Captain Peggy Carter wants is to return home to her home reality. However, Marvel’s What If…? season 2’s finale sees Strange Supree recruiting Peggy for a new mission before sending her home. However, Strange’s intentions are much darker than he initially lets on, and his true plans are fully revealed by the episode’s ending.


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How Strange Supreme Saved His Universe

Defeating His Grief-Filled Demons

Carter and Watcher in Strange Supreme's Universe

As seen in “What If…Strange Supreme Intervened?”, Strange Supreme attempts to bring back his universe which he’d lost in What If…? season 1. Amassing all kinds of dark sources of power, Strange abused his abilities as he constantly tried to bring back his love Christine Palmer who died in this reality, even though her death was an absolute point in time. As such, Strange’s entire universe collapsed with himself as the only survivor amid a vast sea of nothingness.

While it seemed as though Strange had grown and reconciled with his mistakes by the time he was recruited by Uatu the Watcher to join the Guardians of the Multiverse, What If…? season 2’s finale confirms that Strange’s grief was still too powerful as he was now trying to resurrect his entire universe using extremely dark methods. However, it was only through Strange’s own sacrifice that he could finally conquer his grief-filled demons and succeed in bringing back his world which Uatu and Captain Carter find themselves in at the episode’s end.

Strange Supreme’s What If…? Season 2 Plan Explained

Using A Multiversal Forge To Rebirth His Reality

Strange Supreme and Forge

Initially, Strange Supreme claimed he’d been taking action and staying busy containing universe-killers from all over the multiverse. However, Strange’s new mission is far bigger, darker, and much less altruistic than he initially let on to Captain Carter. Capturing both hero and villain variants alike, Strange was simply seeking powerful beings to feed a multiversal forge he’d built in the hopes of resurrecting his universe (and subsequently bringing back Christine Palmer).

One of these captured beings is Kahhori, the Tesseract-powered Mowhawk warrior who made her debut in What If…? season 2, episode 6. With Kahhori having escaped Strange Supreme’s Sanctum Infinitum, he needed Peggy to catch Kahhori off guard, though Carter eventually chooses to aid Kahhori and fight Strange who’s far too consumed by his own grief, having truly corrupted and possessed him as a living monster all its own.


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How Captain Carter and Kahhori Defeated Strange Supreme

Help From All Kinds Of MCU Variants

Having claimed the Infinity Stones from What If…? season 1’s variant of Erik Killmonger, Captain Carter was already quite powerful before many of the other captured variants Carter had released gave Peggy and Kahhori their weapons during the episode’s final battle. As such, Captain Carter and Kahhori were armed to the extreme with notable relics such as Hela’s crown, a Hulk-Thor variant’s sword, a version of Mjolnir, The Ten Rings, and more. Thankfully, Kahhori was able to send all of these variants back to their home realities before they could be fed to Strange’s multiversal forge.

Even though Strange Supreme had transformed into a massive winged demon of pure darkness and grief, Carter was able to temporarily knock the monster out of Strange with a single punch, having all six Infinity Stones clenched in her fist. This briefly created an opening for Peggy to try and reach Strange and the man he once was. Right before Strange and his demon fell into the forge, it seemed as though Strange had broken free and let go, an act Uatu references as the reason why his universe was brought back, albeit without him in it. His sacrifice is what finally brought back the reality he himself destroyed.


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What’s Next For Captain Carter And The Watcher

Will There Be A What If…? Season 3?

Watcher and Captain Carter with Multiverse Tree

Having agreed to finally take Captain Carter back home in the final shot of Marvel’s What If…? season 2, episode 9, Uatu intends to take Peggy straight back to her original reality. However, Captain Carter suggests that they take a scenic route to see what else might be out there before the MCU’s new multiversal tree first seen in Loki season 2’s finale is shown. This is a strong tease for What If…? season 3 which has already been confirmed. To that end, a clip from an upcoming episode has already been released starring Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian:

It’s worth noting that this clip is likely from the episode that was confirmed to have been pushed back to season 3, so it still might be some time before a third season of What If..? actually makes it to Disney+. After all, the time between the first and second seasons was over two years. However, here’s hoping a third season will be coming sooner rather than later, revealing more exciting realities that exist within the MCU multiverse.

All episodes of Marvel’s What If…? season 2 are now streaming on Disney+

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