• Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, and Cassie Lang could appear in Avengers 5, as the initial three members of the Young Avengers.
  • The Young Avengers could star in their own MCU movie or show, potentially assembling a new team of heroes and expanding the roster.
  • Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, and Cassie Lang’s Stature may recruit new heroes at the end of other MCU movies or shows for the new Young Avengers team.



Having been given a major tease at the end of The Marvels, it’s only a matter of time before the first three Young Avengers appear in the MCU. Currently being assembled by none other than Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), it’s been confirmed that Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye (Hailee Steinfeld) will be joining Kamala along with the implication that Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton) will either be asked or has already joined the brand-new team. However, it’s currently unknown when they’ll officially become a team in the MCU or when they’ll get a bigger roster.

Embodying the classic words and moves of Nick Fury when he recruited Iron Man, Kamala is seen at the end of The Marvels waiting in the shadows for Kate Bishop to come home. Thanks to her access to S.A.B.E.R’s database, Kamala reveals her intentions to find and recruit others as the next generation of heroes in the MCU, and this includes Cassie Lang. To that end, there are a few different options as to where these three initial Young Avengers might come together in the MCU, and who they might recruit along the way.



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Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop & Cassie Lang Could Appear In Avengers 5

Kamala Khan’s New Team Could Back Up Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Custom image of Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi, and Kate Bishop.

Right off the bat, it’s quite possible that Kamala, Kate, and Cassie will all come together and have supporting roles in the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Marvel’s fifth Avengers crossover. Because the current roster of primary Avengers has yet to be established thus far, the majority of the films leading up to Kang Dynasty will likely be focused on fleshing out said roster. That doesn’t leave much room for Ms. Marvel’s new team to also be grown and expanded upon as well. As such, Kamala, Kate, and Cassie could be on their own for a while.

However, Avengers 5 itself could end up becoming the perfect backdrop for the assembly of the Young Avengers. Until Marvel Studios says otherwise, some version of Kang the Conqueror (sans actor Jonathan Majors) will presumably be the crossover’s main villain. As such, the effects of the multiverse and time travel will likely play a large role. To that end, there’s an idea that perhaps older versions of the Young Avengers could be introduced first, having already replaced the Avengers in a future timeline.

While this is pure conjecture, it would certainly be a compelling and unconventional means of debuting the team as peak adult heroes before later MCU projects show them being recruited in the present by Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop, and Cassie. That said, one could also argue that the Young Avengers might do better if they didn’t debut within Avengers movies, allowing them to grow on their own and have unique narratives before joining any kind of crossover event.

The Young Avengers Could Star In Their Own MCU Movie Or Show

They Definitely Deserve Their Own MCU Project

The Young avengers, blended image with Ms Marvel and Kate Bishop

Beyond any kind of appearances either in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars, there’s certainly potential for either a Young Avengers movie or a streaming series on Disney+. Should a movie be released, one could imagine Kamala, Kate, and Cassie serving as the main trio as they require more heroes to their roster throughout the film. It’d be a brand-new assembly of characters that could also pay homage to 2012’s Avengers when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joined forces for the very first time in the MCU.

Likewise, a Young Avengers series could be very dynamic as well. It’s not hard to envision each episode perhaps being focused on a different Young Avenger before they’re approached by Kamala and company to join their roster. After all the possible Young Avenger candidates who’ve been seeded in various projects over the course of Phases 4 and 5, it would be very exciting to see the actual team coming together now that Ms. Marvel’s plans have officially been revealed at the end of The Marvels.


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Marvel’s Young Avengers Could Recruit More To Their Ranks In Other Movies Or Shows

A New Assembly For The Next Generation

Another possibility is that Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, and Cassie Lang’s Stature will indeed be featured at the end of various upcoming MCU projects, recruiting new heroes ahead of an Avengers crossover or their very own Young Avengers project. For example, the reality-hopping America Chavez and Wanda Maximoff’s real twins Billy and Tommy from another universe were all featured in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and all of them were card-carrying Young Avengers in the comics. While Billy’s Wiccan gained similar magical abilities as his mother, Tommy’s Speed got super-speed like his uncle.

Seeing as how Isaiah Bradley is confirmed to appear in the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World, his grandson Eli could be recruited for the Young Avengers by the movie’s end to officially become the MCU’s Patriot. Likewise, Riri Williams’ Ironheart could be recruited at the end of her upcoming Disney+ series, and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty could debut Iron Lad, a unique Nathanial Richards variant from the future who didn’t want to be a villainous conqueror, choosing instead to become a hero in the present as a founding Young Avenger.

Hulk’s son Skaar who debuted at the end of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is another possibility, as is Kid Loki who debuted in Loki season 1 within the Void at the End of Time, a realm that was confirmed to still exist at the end of Loki season 2. Even the new all-white version of Vision who first appeared in WandaVision could be recruited (assuming that Marvel’s VisionQuest series is still being developed). Given the original android’s key Young Avengers role in the comics, the MCU may be looking to give White Vision the same kind of arc in the future.

The Marvels is available now on digital and will be streaming soon on Disney+.

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