• The post-credits scene in The Marvels introduces a different version of Maria Rambeau who doesn’t know Monica and is involved with the X-Men.
  • This alternate Maria Rambeau is referred to as Binary, a character in Marvel Comics who is associated with Carol Danvers and has ties to the X-Men.
  • It’s unclear if this version of Binary has the same history as Carol’s, or if she is a new character created for the MCU. The scene doesn’t specify if it’s the Fox X-Men universe or a new one.



The Marvels‘ post-credits scene leaves one big question unanswered: who is this other Maria Rambeau? Maria has had a unique MCU journey, popping up in three distinct realities. Originally, she appeared in Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers’ fellow fighter pilot and best friend. Later, Rambeau passed away in the main MCU, but that wasn’t the last time she appeared. An alternate universe version of Monica Rambeau, who had become Captain Marvel, showed up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness alongside heroes like Captain Carter.

The version of Rambeau that appeared in the post-credits scene of The Marvels, however, is clearly very different. Apart from seemingly being around the same age as her daughter, Monica, Maria also doesn’t know who Monica is. It is also clear that she is somehow involved with the X-Men since Beast is there and mentions Charles Xavier. Luckily, Marvel Comics may have some answers as to who this Maria may be.


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Maria Rambeau Is Binary

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Following the events of The Mavels, Monica Rambeau wakes up in an alternate universe to see who she thinks is her mother. However, Maria Rambeau doesn’t recognize Monica, and Beast enters shortly after and refers to Maria as Binary. It’s clear that this alternate universe version of Maria is very different from the main MCU version. However, she is still closely tied to Captain Marvel’s history. In Marvel Comics, Binary isn’t a separate character but instead an alternate identity of Carol Danvers after she lost her powers and was experimented on by a group of aliens called The Brood.


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The Brood unlocked new powers that were dormant in Carol’s body, turning her into the hero Binary. Carol later returned to being Ms. Marvel and later Captain Marvel. More recently, a clone of Carol Danvers has appeared in Marvel Comics, also going by the name Binary. It’s unclear if the MCU Binary has the same history or if she is a completely unique character. If she does have a similar origin to Carol’s version of Binary, then it would explain why she is with the X-Men.

Binary’s History With The X-Men

Captain Marvel as Binary with fire swirling around her in a Marvel comic.

Binary’s history is closely linked with the X-Men in Marvel Comics. After being written off The Avengers in a controversial story, Carol Danvers joined up with the X-Men. Carol initially lost her powers when Rogue attacked her and stole them. This gave Rogue super strength and the ability to fly and left Carol without any superpowers. Carol remained with the X-Men until she was captured by The Brood and her new powers were awakened.

After gaining her new powers, Carol began going as Binary and joined back up with the X-Men. Carol stayed with the X-Men until Rogue also joined. Carol left the X-Men after this, still angry with Rogue for stealing her powers. Eventually, Carol would regain her powers and return to being Ms. Marvel.

Why Binary Is Part Of The X-Men & What Her MCU Future Could Be

Maria Rambeau's Binary with the X-Men door in The Marvels

It’s unclear from The Marvels‘ short scene whether this Binary is another version of Maria Rambeau who has swapped places with Carol Danvers. Marvel could easily have just lifted the name and costume from the original Binary and used it to create a new character with a new backstory. As Binary is clearly a member of the X-Men in this universe, she may just be a mutant. The MCU has changed comic book backstories before, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for this Binary to be a new character.

The Marvels also doesn’t specify if this is the original Fox X-Men universe or a new one. Kelsey Grammer playing Beast might imply that it’s the Fox Universe, but he also looks drastically different. More likely, this is the X-Men universe that will cross over into the MCU following Deadpool 3. If Binary sticks around, it would definitely create an interesting character dynamic between her and Monica Rambeau. With no current X-Men projects on Marvel’s release slate, it might be a while before questions raised by The Marvels get answered.

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