• Captain America: Brave New World’s release date was pushed back to 2025 due to delays caused by strikes.
  • Reshoots for the film have taken place, revealing Sam Wilson’s new Captain America costume.
  • The in-universe reason for the costume change is speculated to involve the desire for Vibranium and potential suit confiscation.



Captain America: Brave New World will see Sam Wilson receive a new superhero costume, with one theory speculating why this is the case. Initially set for a 2024 release, Captain America: Brave New World‘s release date was pushed back to 2025 due to delays caused by the 2023 SAG-AFTRA/WGA strikes. This has led to several batches of reshoots for the upcoming MCU film that saw the cast reunite to continue crafting Sam Wilson’s next journey in the sprawling universe.


Captain America: Brave New World Cast & Marvel Character Guide

Sam Wilson’s big-screen debut as the MCU’s Captain America will bring back several familiar faces, while also introducing new and exciting characters.

Through these reshoots, various set photos from Captain America: Brave New World were released highlighting different aspects of the film’s story. One of the reveals from the set photos was Sam Wilson’s new Captain America 4 costume. Despite the somewhat disappointment of Sam’s fantastic, thematically-rich The Falcon and the Winter Soldier suit being replaced, one MCU theory speculates the in-universe reason behind the change.

Brave New World Theory Explains Captain America’s New Costume

Steve Rogers Captain America and Sam Wilson in MCU

The theory about Captain America: Brave New World links to the crafting of Sam’s initial white suit from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That show revealed that Sam’s first Cap suit was made by the Wakandans meaning it implemented Vibranium in the wings and other elements of the suit. However, the MCU has recently explored the idea that Vibranium is a much-desired substance through the storyline of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Other countries across the world were actively seeking Vibranium, even going as far as covertly attacking Wakandan outreach centers to acquire some of the rare metal. The USA was one of these countries with the CIA director, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, also wishing to obtain Vibranium. Therefore, the CIA could confiscate Sam’s suit due to its rare constitution, forcing Captain America to receive another outfit.

Why Marvel Superheroes Regularly Get New Costumes In The MCU

Sam Wilson as Captain America between Ms Marvel and Spider-Man in MCU posters

While this theory explores the potential in-universe reasoning behind Sam’s suit change, the real reason as to why superhero suits are continuously changed is much more simple and business-informed. In reality, new superhero costumes for various characters are a merchandising ploy. Disney and Marvel Studios rely heavily on merchandising profits which would not be possible without new costumes.

If superheroes wore the same outfits in every major release, merchandising would become stale quickly. To avoid this, new costumes are provided which means more toys, more merchandising, and higher profits. As it turns out, this is also the case with Captain America: Brave New World with Sam Wilson’s new costume likely being included in a wide array of merchandise closer to the film’s 2025 release.

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