• Introducing Miles Morales in Phase 7 is the best move for the MCU to do justice to his character’s popularity and significance.
  • Miles works best as Peter’s replacement, not sidekick, highlighting the importance of timing and character development in the MCU.
  • The Multiverse Saga is not the right time for Miles’ debut, requiring a well-planned introduction for the character’s growth.



Despite the current success of the Spider-Verse franchise, the best time for Miles Morales’ live-action Spider-Man debut is well into the MCU’s Phase 7. Spider-Man has had a complicated live-action history, but Spider-Man’s MCU timeline began in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War after Marvel came to an agreement with Sony regarding rights. With that came the opportunity to introduce plenty of iconic Spider-Man comic characters, as seen in No Way Home. However, fans have been calling for the debut of one newer Spider-Man character because of his recent popularity.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse introduced Miles Morales to the big screen for the first time, making him an extremely popular Spider-Man character. With the Spider-Verse films thriving in animation, many fans are wondering when Miles will make his inevitable MCU debut. Though Sony producer Amy Pascal has confirmed that a live-action Miles Morales is in the works, it won’t be for a while. Marvel and Sony’s decision not to include Miles in the Multiverse Saga thus far is the right one. While Miles is currently in high demand, rushing his MCU debut before Phase 7 wouldn’t do the character justice.


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Miles Morales Works Best When He’s Peter’s Spider-Man Replacement, Not Sidekick

Peter B. Parker talking to Miles Morales in Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse

A key plot point of Miles’ character in the Spider-Verse films is him growing into his newfound powers and having to take over the responsibilities of his universe’s Peter Parker. While he is initially a sidekick to Peter B. Parker, he quickly becomes his own hero and an equal to the other Spider-Men. Miles still learns from Peter while also being able to teach his mentor. Miles shines when he understands the weight of the responsibilities he has, and that dynamic between him and Peter just doesn’t seem likely if he were to be added to the MCU right now.

While Tom Holland hasn’t been confirmed for the yet-be-be-announced Spider-Man 4, it seems like his iteration of Spider-Man still has some time left in the MCU. It would be interesting to see how Holland’s Spider-Man interacts with Miles Morales in his next live-action appearance, but Miles would undoubtedly play more of a sidekick to Holland’s Peter. The best time to truly introduce Miles to the MCU would be when Holland’s Peter is nearing the end of his story, and Miles has to step up to take over the mantle. Pushing Miles to accept responsibility is when his character thrives.

Why The Multiverse Saga Is Not The Right Time For Miles’ Spider-Man Debut

Tom Holland's Spider-Man fighting the Green Goblin in Spider-Man No Way Home

The Multiverse Saga already has so many storylines going on that it is just not the right time for Miles’ Spider-Man debut. The concept of the multiverse lends itself perfectly for the MCU to introduce characters from other franchises, as they can simply excuse them as a variant from another universe. However, Miles deserves better than to fall under the variant umbrella. Especially with his popularity and significance among fans, Miles needs a well-planned debut. Any development his character goes through has to occur in the main universe, not in an alternate timeline where his progress can be simply disregarded.


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It’s an exciting thought to imagine Miles Morales debuting in the MCU. However, the best time for his character’s live-action debut must be well into Phase 7. With the grand scale of the Multiverse Saga and the fact that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will likely return to the MCU, Miles wouldn’t have the grounds to grow in this current scenario. Waiting until Phase 7 will give the MCU ample time to plan a successful debut for Miles’ Spider-Man that’s worthy of his character.

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