• The upcoming
    Madame Web
    has the potential to introduce Sony’s Spider-Man Universe’s version of Peter Parker.
  • A theory suggests that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker from the MCU was actually born in the SSU, making him Spider-Man for both franchises.
  • If the theory is true, it could lead to a crossover between the MCU and SSU, allowing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to face iconic villains in the SSU.



One major Madame Web theory suggests that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe’s version of Spider-Man might have already been seen, only in the MCU, rather than Sony’s own franchise. After years of attempting to get a shared Spider-Man universe off the ground, Sony Pictures finally began their own live-action superhero franchise with 2018’s Venom, the first project in the SSU. Since then, Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius have expanded the franchise, to varying results, but Sony’s next project, Madame Web, has the potential to change the universe considerably, and could even introduce the SSU’s version of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man.

Madame Web is set to release in theaters on February 14, 2024, marking the fourth project in the SSU and the introduction of Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb. In Marvel Comics, Webb is a precognitive mutant who aids Spider-Man in his multiversal adventures, though Madame Web’s trailer revealed that, instead of Peter Parker, several other Spider-People will be included in the upcoming movie. Madame Web will see Cassandra protecting three new Spider-People from Ezekiel Sims, a powerful Spider-Man villain, but the project hasn’t yet provided signs of getting any closer to actually debuting the SSU’s own iteration of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.


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Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Still Hasn’t Introduced Its Peter Parker

Back in 2015, Sony brokered a deal with Marvel Studios to integrate Peter Parker’s Spider-Man into the MCU. Tom Holland debuted as the wall-crawler in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, and has since become one of the most pivotal characters in the MCU. Adjacently, Sony began to develop its own superhero franchise, though Sony’s Spider-Man Universe uses characters adapted from Spider-Man’s Marvel Comics rogues gallery, bringing some iconic villains, including Venom, Carnage and Kraven the Hunter, into live-action. Focusing on Spider-Man’s foes constitutes Parker’s own SSU debut, but there has currently been no sign of Spider-Man appearing in the SSU.


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Despite being focused intensely on villains that are intrinsically connected to Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe still hasn’t introduced its version of Peter Parker. Spider-Man has been teased in the SSU, particularly during Morbius’ controversial post-credits scene, where Adrian Toomes’ Vulture references Spider-Man directly after arriving from the MCU. However, the wall-crawler hasn’t officially appeared in the franchise, but according to one wild and game-changing theory, this could change in Sony’s upcoming Madame Web, and this potential reveal could have massive repercussions on the future of both the SSU and the MCU as both franchises continue to grow.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Was Born In The SSU? Madame Web Theory Explained

Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the snow in Spider-Man No Way Home

Even though Spider-Man hasn’t made his official debut in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, a wild theory posed by Reddit user Lazy-Cobbler8183 suggests that viewers may have already seen the franchise’s version of Peter Parker. The theory poses the idea that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker from the MCU was actually born in the universe of the SSU, meaning he would be the Spider-Man for both franchises. At first glance, this may cause some confusion, but the release of Madame Web may reveal that Cassandra Webb sent Holland’s Peter Parker into the MCU to ensure his safety from Sony’s new villain, Ezekiel Sims.

Cassandra Webb plays a major role in Marvel Comics’ Spider-Verse storylines, as she uses her mutant ability to aid Spider-People across the multiverse. With the multiverse being a major concept currently being explored in the MCU, it’s very possible that more direct links will be forged between the MCU and SSU, so this theory could have precedence. In Madame Web, Ezekiel Sims is hunting down Sony’s new Spider-Women, Sydney Sweeney’s Julia Cornwall, Celeste O’Connor’s Mattie Franklin and Isabela Merced’s Anya Corazon, so it’s possible that she sent Tom Holland’s Peter Parker into the MCU to protect him from Sims’ rampage.

Madame Web’s Timeline Could Support This Wild Marvel Theory

Dakota Johnson's Cassandra Webb on a train in Madame Web

According to Entertainment Weekly, Madame Web will take place in 2003, making it the first project chronologically in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. If the Reddit theory turns out to be true, this would make Peter Parker a young child during Madame Web’s timeline, as he was born in 2001. If Ezekiel Sims is hunting down Spider-People, it would make sense for Cassandra Webb to send perhaps the strongest future Spider-Man into another reality to protect him, while she and the new Spider-Women face off against Sims in 2003. This also explains some major Spider-Man mysteries from both the SSU and MCU.

Set in 2003, the film follows Cassie as she grapples with her newfound powers and faces off against a mysterious enemy named Ezekiel Sims.

Throughout Spider-Man’s MCU timeline, few comments have been made about Peter Parker’s family, specifically the fate of his parents and Uncle Ben. The idea of Parker being born in another universe would explain this, as his family perhaps didn’t originate in the MCU at all. Miles Morales was also confirmed to exist in the MCU in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming thanks to the appearance of Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis, so it’s possible he was supposed to be the MCU’s main Spider-Man. This would also explain why Spider-Man has been missing from the SSU, as he simply doesn’t exist in Sony’s franchise.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Could Cross Over Into The SSU

The idea of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker being born in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and being sent into the MCU means that he could be shared between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures in future live-action adventures. This may provide the perfect opportunity for Tom Holland to crossover into the SSU and face some iconic villains that he hasn’t had the chance to fight in the MCU. Other characters, including Tom Hardy’s Venom and Michael Keaton’s Vulture, have already made the jump between realities, so there’s precedence for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to do the same, though it’s unclear when this could happen.

It’s possible that Tom Holland could make a surprise appearance in Madame Web, though this seems unlikely, as the actor has been taking a break from acting following his grueling performance in AppleTV+’s The Crowded Room. It’s much more likely that, if the Reddit theory turns out to be true, Tom Holland’s future adventures in the MCU will better establish his connection to the SSU. The most likely place for this to occur may be in Phase 6’s Avengers: Secret Wars in 2027, which is expected to feature many Marvel characters from a variety of live-action franchises, including the SSU.


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Madame Web Reveal Could Pose A Huge Problem For The MCU’s Phase 6

Ezekiel Sims' Spider-Man villain in Madame Web

During the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, Marvel Studios has been building up the idea of incursions, monumental events that occur when two universes collide, destroying one or both in the process. Incursions are pivotal to Marvel Comics’ 2015 Secret Wars event, so they will likely be a plot thread in the MCU’s live-action Avengers: Secret Wars, and one may have already been started back in Peter Parker’s childhood. If Parker was sent to a reality that he didn’t belong to, an incursion may have been bubbling away for almost his entire life, posing a huge problem for the MCU’s Phase 6.

Several other incursions are also currently in progress, including one caused by Doctor Strange, Monica Rambeau being trapped in another reality in The Marvels, the Vulture being sent to the SSU in Morbius, and those revealed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s possible that Secret Wars could explore these, as well as the incursion caused by Peter Parker’s existence in the MCU – which perhaps increased after he became a superhero. While early projections for Madame Web haven’t painted a positive picture for the upcoming movie, it’s possible the SSU project could provide some major Spider-Man reveals.

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