• A fan theory suggests that Marc Spector’s alter ego, Jake Lockley, may have killed his mother as revenge for the abuse he and his alters endured as children.
  • The theory is informed by the fact that Moon Knight never revealed how Wendy Spector died, and only a picture of her was seen at her wake.
  • This storyline may be too dark to explore in the MCU, but with more mature and grounded projects in development at Marvel Studios, a potential Moon Knight season 2 could answer this mystery.



One major missing piece of Marc Spector’s backstory in Moon Knight could be explained thanks to a wild theory, potentially creating the darkest twist in the history of the MCU. Oscar Isaac debuted as Marc Spector in 2022’s Moon Knight, a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder whose body is also inhabited by the Egyptian God Khonshu. Audiences were first introduced to one of Spector’s alters, British museum worker Steven Grant, who had no prior knowledge of his condition or Khonshu’s existence. Throughout Moon Knight season 1, Spector and Grant formed a close bond, and learned how to operate as the antihero Moon Knight, but they also harbor a dark secret.

After Marc Spector was shot and seemingly killed by Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight episode 4, “The Tomb,” he and Steven Grant – in separate bodies – found themselves in the Duat. There, the pair explored their lives, including Spector’s childhood in which he suffered abuse from his mother, Wendy, following the accidental death of his brother, Randall. It was this abuse that led to the emergence of Steven Grant in Spector’s mind, and Grant continued to protect Spector even after their mother’s death. While Moon Knight episode 5, “Asylum,” didn’t show how Wendy Spector died, a dramatic fan theory explains that this story may be even darker.


Moon Knight’s Marc Spector and Alters Explained

Marc Spector’s DID played a key role in Marvel’s MCU Moon Knight. Here’s the difference between Moon Knight’s five alters in both the comics and show.

Jake Lockley Killed Marc Specter’s Mom Theory Explained

Moon Knight’s season 1 finale revealed Spector’s third alter, Jake Lockley, who had been teased as the most brutal of the three personalities throughout the series. In a shocking theory posed by Reddit user HansenTheMan, Jake Lockley is the cause of Wendy Spector’s death, having sought revenge on his mother for the abuse she had put he and his alters through as children. This theory is informed by the fact that Marvel Studios never revealed how Wendy died, and only a picture of her was seen at her wake. It’s possible that Lockley also emerged in response to the childhood abuse, so perhaps also experienced some of these events first-hand.

If the timeline of Moon Knight episode 5 is chronological, Marc Spector became the avatar to Khonshu prior to his mother’s death, which would perhaps mean that Khonshu himself allowed Lockley to exact his revenge on his mother. Throughout Moon Knight season 1, Jake Lockley was shown to be the most violent of Spector’s alters, and also the most loyal to Khonshu, even after the others had renounced the Egyptian God. Khonshu’s entire drive is to punish those who have done wrong, so it’s possible that he and Lockley killed Wendy Spector before Marc took over the body again, not having any knowledge of these harrowing events.

Why This Theory Might Be Too Dark For The MCU

Steven Grant looking in the mirror in Moon Knight season 1

Jake Lockley’s heinous acts in Moon Knight season 1 were never shown on screen, perhaps hinting at just how graphic these moments were. If Marvel Studios shied away from showing these brutal attacks, it could be assumed that Lockley committing matricide would surely be too dark for the MCU’s family-friendly tone. However, Marvel Studios has several R-rated and TV-MA-rated projects in development, including Echo, Deadpool 3, Blade and potentially even Daredevil: Born Again​​​​​​​. So, if Moon Knight season 2 is put into production, it is possible that more grounded and adult storylines could be explored, including the mysterious death of Marc Spector’s mother.

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