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  • J.P. Karliak is the voice actor for Morph in X-Men ’97.
  • Karliak describes not being surprised by the backlash about Morph being described as non-binary character in X-Men ’97.
  • However, the voice actor mentions that he appreciated the counter-backlash in defense of representation.



X-Men ’97 TV show voice actor J.P. Karliak responds to the Marvel backlash over the animated show describing Morph as non-binary.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Karliak gave his thoughts about the backlash that emerged regarding X-Men ’97 making Morph a non-binary character, stating the following:

No. [laughs] I’m a queer activist. I run a nonprofit that advocates for queer representation. I also co-founded a voter registration organization. I know what’s going on in the world, especially politically, so no, it didn’t surprise me at all. [laughs] I think what I appreciated was how much counter-backlash there was, with people like ‘Have you watched the X-Men? Are you familiar with why they were created and what they’re about? Did you forget that?’ That was reassuring. I haven’t really taken offense with anything anybody’s published, as much as they’ve tried. [laughs] There was one article that called me a radical queer activist and listed the insidious mission statement of my organization [Queer Vox] — verbatim of what was on the website. I was like ‘Facts. No lies here, thanks for the promotion!’

Source: CBR

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